2021 - LPG ISO Container Terminal

By the end of 2019, the energy landscape on the island of Curaçao was going through a significant transition. The refinery’s contract with its decades long operator was terminated and from that moment on, Curoil Group had to import all fuels including Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG). At that point in time, Curoil Group was using the infrastructure of the refinery, which required Curgas to import and store LPG at -42º C.

To transfer the gas to cylinders and bulk trucks to be distributed to customers, the gas had to be warmed up to ambient temperature. This was a costly procedure as it required a vast amount of fuel, making the process very cost inefficient. In order to reduce costs, on September 7, 2021 Curoil Group initiated the operation of the LPG ISO-Container Terminal that was built to create more efficiency in the energy chain of Curaçao.

With the inauguration of the LPG ISO Container Terminal, Curoil Group eliminated this costly process, reducing operational costs by ANG 31.2 million on a yearly basis.