Safety Tips

  • Always place cylinders in upright position.
  • Make sure your cylinders are in a well ventilated location e.g. outside the house.
  • Have professionals handle your gas installation and repairs.
  • In case of a gas leak, call Curgas immediately. Open your windows and doors to ventilate the area, make sure all gas appliances and the main gas supply valve are turned off. Do not smoke, do not flip any electrical switches and avoid using electrical appliances as this could trigger an explosion.
  • Do not exchange cylinders with another person.
  • Turn off gas tap and cylinder valves when on vacation.
  • After a vacation, always open windows and doors for ventilation before turning on your gas range.
  • Never allow children to play with the switch of the gas range or stove.
  • Have your gas installation checked every five years by authorized professionals.
  • Do not place cylinders near electric motors (minimum distance: 1.5 m).

Curgas Safety Video 20 lbs

Curgas Safety Video 100 lbs

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