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"Your bottles and cans have value: store them and recycle them" –“Bo bòter di glas i bleki tin balor ward’é pa bo kambi’é!

This environmental project was initiated by several private companies and NGO's, including Selikor, Curinde, Refineria di Korsou, Korsou Limpi i Bunita, Asosashon di Supermerkado and Curoil. The main goal was to stimulate an environmental friendly behavior. To achieve this, the projects aims at promoting a more public awareness concerning the recycling of used bottles and cans. Results of this project, which can be considered a pilot, will be to evaluate the possibility of introducing a structural refund policy for bottles and cans on Curaçao.

Every citizen of Curaçao could benefit from a refund of one Antillean guilder for every 20 bottles or cans he or she returned at designated collecting stations. These stations included several supermarkets, landfills and gas stations. The goal was to collect 1 million bottles and cans between January 19th and February 13th of this year. The success of the campaign was obvious when after only 4 weeks into the campaign, 1.5 million bottles and cans were collected. This averaged about 57, 000 items per day. More than 70,000 Antillean guilders were refunded. Curoil was proud to have contributed to this campaign by partly funding the project and also have its gas stations available as return stations.