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Motor Oil and Lubricants

The Golden brand motor oils is formulated according to the highest specifications stipulated by API(American Petroleum Institute)engine oil while providing ultimate protection against the extreme demand of todya's high engine, including those that are turbo-charged.

We offer oils for diesel and gasoline engines.

The diesel engine motor oils are Golden SAE 40, 50, 20W-50 and Excel SAE 15W-40

Motor Oils

Diesel Engines:
Golden SAE 40 Mono-grade API SG/SF-2
Golden SAE 50 Mono-grade API SG/SF-2
Golden SAE 20W-50 Multi-grade API SG/SF-4
Excel SAE 15W-40 Multi-grade API CI-4/SL

Gasoline Engines:
Golden SAE 40 Mono-grade API SG/SF-2
Golden SAE 50 Mono-grade API SG/SF-2
Golden SAE 20W-50 Multi-grade API SG/SF-4
Golden SAE 10W-30 Multi-grade API SL/SM
Golden SAE 5W-30 Multi-grade API SL/SM

Lubricants for manual and automatic transmissions

Curoil lubricants are specifically produced according to the new standards in lubricants. The new car manufactures warranty requirements is perfectly covered with these lubricants as well as the more stringgent of industry standards(API SM/CF-ILSAC GF-4 and ACEA A5/B5, A3/B4, A3/B3, A1/B1/C3, C2 and C1).

Curoil lubricants, from the Amalie manufacturing company, are designed to protect all engines; new, modern; close-tolerance engines older, high-mileage engines running in a wide range of operating temperatures and conditions. Curoil lubricants have the power to exceed the most stringent lubricating performance requirements of American, European, Korean, Japanese and other worldwide engine manufacturers.

Lubricant properties for manual transmission

Our lubricants for manual transmissions reduce the wear and tear in gears, bearings and other components. It prevents corrosion and it is compatible with seals. It also prevents foam oxidation and builds a resistance to oxidation. Our lubricants are extreme-pressure technology compatible with copper alloy elements.

Lubricant properties for automatic transmission

Our lubricants for automatic transmissions offer a tough resistance to oxidation at high temperatures. They prevent slippage of gear plates and serve as hydraulic fluid. These lubricants are compatible with different components of the system (please specify which system) and have a good low-temperature fluidity. They provide extreme-pressure protection properties in gears.

Other quality products

Value tech power steering fluid
Reduces bearing, piston and valve noise and wear. Keeps your system clean. Mixes with most power-steering fluids.

Value tech super drum and disc dot 3 brake-fluid
Recommended for all types of automobile braking systems. Operates efficiently under all weather conditions.

Value tech fuel injector & carburetor cleaner
Cleans injectors, intake valves, fuel system, port and PVC system.

Curoil premixed engine coolant (33% concentrate)
Protects against overheating, rust and corrosion

Curoil demineralized Battery Water
Especially made for automotive batteries

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