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Curgas, the Curoil subsidiary, is the Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG-propane) distribution company that delivers gas for both households as businesses. We offer gas for cooking purposes in a homely environment but also for business purposes and this according to what our customers need and want. In addition, there are a number of different ways, you can benefit from the use of LPG propane gas in and around your house.

Domestic Installations

- We install two 100 lbs cylinders for your house, and this comes in a standard installation package.
- We sell 20 lbs cylinders especially for the low volume propane users. A low volume propane user only requires a small amount of propane each day for example for cooking.

Empty 20 pounds cylinders are delivered to all 20 pounds point of sales where the customer can purchase a new one

20 pounds point of sales are:

- Curgas Head Office
- UFM Muizenberg
- UFM Santa Rosa
- UFM Tera Cora (Weg naar Westpunt)
- Deposit Dionisio Olbina Grenadaweg # 9
- Gas station Barber
- Gas station Biesheuvel
- Gas station Buena Vista
- Gas station Grand Central
- Gas station New Century (Hanenberg)
- Gas station Vanddis Brievengat
- Gas station Vanddis Gasora
- Gas station Vanddis MontaƱa
- Gas station Vanddis Marie Pampoen
- Gas station Vanddis Rio Canario

Private cylinders

For outdoor LPG use, we offer our customers the filling service for their barbeque cylinders, cylinders for lighting purposes on boats and other use private usage they may have. Empty cylinders are refilled at Gasstation Sta. Rosa, Curgas office at Tera Cora and UFM Muizenberg on a daily basis.

Drop off and Pick up

The collection of private cylinders is from Monday through Friday from 07:30 to 16:00 non stop at the Curgas office at Muizenberg.